To be honest, there are my women like me - there are thousands of regular, older aged and not so healthy women in this country. Every second one has high blood pressure, diabetes or some other issues. Some of them have several of these. I once left the doctor diagnosed with a values deformity in my toe, in other words a "bunion". Both my mother and grandmother had the same issue. My mother even went for surgery with it.. It’s quite obvious, that in my case this is genetic. When I was young I loved wearing "pumps" on "high heels".

Since 54 years of age had been having troubles with toe bunions, which used to be treated with surgeries.

The problem progressed very quickly. At the start I felt slight difficulties while walking. Later I started feeling strong pain in my foot. That was because my big toe started turning towards the other toes, started pressuring the next toe, which start turning upwards. I started to feel strong pressure in my shoes, while walking, and I started getting calluses. I was only 54 and I had to give up most of favourite shoes! My feet were suffering in them, as if they were in a clam.

My husband is a handyman, so he mad me a pair of leather slip-ons. He couldn’t watch me suffer anymore. They were very comfortable and I even wore them to work. I work at a post-office, so nobody really sees my feet, luckily. But even though, my feet were still hurting after longer walks. I also knew, that when my mother came back from her surgery, she couldn’t walk at all for some time. I had to help her. And also, I love me and my husband’s forest walks. I wouldn’t be able to do anything of this if went for the surgery. All my plans were ruined by this damn illness! I was happy that at least my young daughter-in-law was helping me. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

I want to the local health centre in Manilla, where the doctor checked me and told me, that only surgery can help me. Apparently I soon wouldn’t be able to walk without the surgery. A was diagnosed with chronic toe bursitis (inflammation) and arthrosis.

Due to the large pain in my toe, I lost interested in the beautiful nature around us. Soon I stopped going for walks all together.

I left the doctors office in tears. My mother was treated here too. She was here so many times, for all sorts of physiotherapies and exercises. She invested so much money in this. With no result. She had to go for the surgery. Of course, it helped her. However the pain, in smaller amounts, persisted. Therefore she can’t go out as often as she would like to.

There was nothing else we could do. We started saving money for my time at the hospital. Without it I wouldn’t be able to walk again. But once my son came to my bedroom and started reading something from his phone. He found an article on the internet about the  orthopaedic gel called "Valgorect" . The main idea is that mineral deposits which cause deformation dissolve under the influence of the gel, and the joint returns to its original position. People were commenting, that in one or two months their toe was straightened, they got rid of the painful bunions and avoided surgery! Can you imagine?!

My son ordered the gel online. In about a week I could start using it..

As I was slowly trying to walk I realised, that in a couple of day my feet were not so painful anymore.

After one week I barely felt any pain at all. In a month I could use my favourite shoes again. It was slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, but in two weeks I was able to completely straighten my toe and I knew it was a good sign! And in two months the deformation was gone - the bunion was gone!

The result of a two-month treatment with the gel "Valgorect"

It's been about half a year now. I can now walk whenever and wherever I want, I can take care of the household and take care of my grandchild. '

After the treatment I started living a full life again.

Taking care of my grandchild.

I am incredibly grateful for being healthy! Thank you to those who invented "Valgorect"

P.S. My son now ordered me the "Valgorect" gel on the official website of the manufacturer .

Trisha Bautista

About the  orthopaedic gel "Valgorect" I know it, but not from the link. I also treated myself with it. I think Karen was very lucky that her son found the article online about the gel.

Joyce Santos

A great thing! I used to only use big and ugly shoes, or even home slippers. I was using the "Valgorect" for two months and now I can for lunch with my daughter and we can go shopping for new shoes together!

Jessica Torres
I started having foot pain. My mother has her feet in terrible condition, all her fingers are like one big "heap". I didn’t want history to repeat, so I bought the gel. I don’t have the pain anymore and I feel comfortable again.

I am a ballet dancer, not very known, but they know me in my town. The "crazy" jumping and running on stage is almost like hell now. I couldn’t even stand on my toes - deformation of my foot. For some people, bunions are an aesthetic flaw, but for me it’s the end of my career. I came across the "Valgorect" gel by chance, I saw my colleague using it. I asked her about it and she explained. I decided to order it. I must admit, I never expected these kind of results. I was already getting ready to bid goodbye to my dancing and ballet.

Hannah Ocampo
Thank you to the manufacturers for this great gel and thank you to the article authors, that they didn’t "run away" form their problems.. I don’t understand why this issue isn’t covered enough. I also had foot pain and tried many things, even surgery, but with no real result. I will try this "Valgorect" gel. Thank you for the idea and for the recommendation.
Alice Garcia
In our family, "bunions" are genetic! My mother had it, my grandmother had it. I bought this "Valgorect" gel and I am so happy!!! I only wear it at home or if I need to walk on high heels. You can feel the difference immediately! No I have no swelling and no pain!
When I was young, I used to work in a very prestigious company as an assistant. Just like the other girls, I tried to go with the trends. What is the nicest thing about a young lady, you ask? Ofcourse, legs. A short skirt, high heels, a nice haircut and perfect make-up. Looking back, I now realise how terribly I looked. But I was doing great, even running up and down the stairs in high heels. Unfortunately, this took it’s toll - now that I’m 40, my favourite shoes are my slippers. I used to go to the sauna, had compressions, bandages, but nothing helped. When I bought the "Valgorect" gel, I didn’t really believe that it would help. But a miracle happened an now I feel better than 10 years ago.
I work as a server, so I stand most of the day. We have a given dress code - a blouse, a skirt and high heels. I work every day from 4pm until 3 in the morning. You can feel that kind of pressure. I had a bunion and foot pain appear. I ordered the "Valgorect" gel and though that I will have to change my job - until I actually tried it. I need to pay for my studies at the university. The results were great - if ti wasn’t for the gel, I could have just forgotten about studying and I would have probably ended up on the street somewhere.
I am 50 years old, and I also almost couldn’t walk. When I was young, I would never have though that I could suffer this much. I had huge bunions and I couldn’t fit in to any of my shoes. I could only wear slippers at home, the pain was terrible. One day I went to buy new shoes and not a single part fit me. I wanted to cry, the shop assistant came up to me to ask what’s happening. I told her about my feet and how much I’m suffering. She recommended "Valgorect". She said she used to have the same problem, but that now she can even walk in high heel stilettos. I trusted her, got home and ordered it. It helped! I can recommend it too.


I had surgery about 10 years ago. It seemed quite good at the start, but all came back later. My knuckles were painful, I could feel my toe curving again and I was again struggling while walking. I tried to find something useful on the internet, but I kept finding useless stuff. For example egg creams, salt treatments and etc. But I didn’t want to have another surgery. I found a smililar article to this one, tried it and it helped.


Nicole Ramos
I would like to warn everyone. They started selling fakes in all kinds of e-shops. My friend even bought one. She ordered the gel, but even after 3 months she couldn’t feel any changes. I bought it about half a year ago on the official website and I could feel the first differences after the first week. The pain was gone in a couple of hours. That’s my result. 1

And those who say that have no result must have bought a fake!